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Illy coffee - Iperespresso pods and pods

Illy is one of the most recognised coffee brands in the world. The Italian company is committed to producing only the best coffee for you. With Illy you can always count on a cup of high-quality coffee. The Illy beans come from many countries around the world. This is because coffee beans develop different flavour nuances, depending on how and in what climate they are grown. This means you can get Illy coffee pods with a sweet and seductive taste or with a strong and invigorating aroma.

The taste of the coffee beans is intensified by the roasting process. If you want a full-bodied coffee with sweetness, you should choose a dark-roasted coffee. It is also good for making an espresso. If you are more into the regular Danish cup of coffee, you should choose a lightly / medium roasted coffee blend.

When making coffee with your pod machine a delicious layer of coffee foam is formed on top. This occurs because the coffee is made at a certain pressure. The pressure is different, depending on whether you are making a regular coffee or an espresso. With an espresso, the pressure is 15 bar, which forces the hot water to runs faster through the coffee. When the water runs through the coffee it takes all the taste and aroma down into your coffee cup. The amount of water used in the preparation of an espresso is less than it is with a regular cup of coffee, and ensures an intensified coffee taste. When you prepare an espresso, you typically get 30 ml. of pure enjoyment.

Espresso is the most important ingredient in many coffee drinks with milk. If you have an Illy machine with a milk frother, you can make coffee like a real barista. You can make a delicious cappuccino, caffe latte, cortado and much more.

If you love coffee so much that you drink it in the evening, there are decaf pods and pods for your machine.

Illy coffee beans

The secret behind the high quality of the coffee beans from Illy is the high standards applied in their production. The coffee beans consist of 9 different arabica beans from the best growing areas in the world. The ripe beans they are gently picked by hand. Then they are either washed or dried.

The beans are mixed before roasting, creating that wonderful consistent Illy coffee taste. After roasting, the coffee beans are air-cooled. When the beans are ready, they are packed in airtight containers that preserve the aroma and the taste of the coffee beans. When you open your coffee your senses will be assailed with an intense and heavenly scent of wonderful coffee.

After opening coffee it is recommended you keep it in the fridge. This will preserve the aroma of the coffee for a longer time. Be careful not to place the coffee close to foods with a strong odour, as this can spread to the beans. Make sure that your coffee does not get too close to cheeses and other foods with a strong odour.

You make the best coffee by grinding the beans shortly before using them. Whole coffee beans retain their flavour better than ground coffee beans. This is because the coffee beans release their aroma when ground. If the ground coffee is packed in an airtight container, it will be able to retain its aroma for a longer time.

Varieties of Illy coffee beans

Illy offers many flavours from different corners of the world, all of which give you a unique coffee experience. Coffee beans get their unique taste from the places they are grown.

The coffees from Central and South America share some characteristics. For example, with beans from Central America you get a mild coffee, with a sweet aroma and a slight acidity. You also get the sweet aroma of coffee beans from Guatemala. They also deliver a powerful taste of chocolate. Coffee production in Guatemala is limited, while coffee production in Columbia is extensive, accounting for as much as 10% of global arabica production with approx. 12 million sacks of coffee annually. Colombian coffee beans also give you a sweet cup of flavourful coffee.

If you are looking for the original espresso blend, you will find it in coffee beans from Brazil. These have a sweet aroma of chocolate and toast. Brazil is the largest arabica producer in the world, with its production accounting for a third of the total global arabica production. As many as 35-40 million sacks are produced annually from 5 billion coffee plants. This provides work for 5 million people, of whom 500,000 are coffee farmers.

With coffee beans from the African countries you get a coffee with a fresh taste. For example, coffee beans from Ethiopia typically taste of jasmine, fruit and citrus. Ethiopia is the country from where coffee originated. Kenya has a more modest coffee production, but can produce a fantastic coffee thanks to the moderate and stable weather conditions.

In Asia, Illy gets its coffee from India. The Indian coffee beans give you a coffee with a full body and a spicy aroma. Indian coffee beans have a slight bitterness about them.

All beans for the classic blends are made from 100% arabica beans.

Illy coffee and Francesco Illy

Illycaffé was founded in 1933 by the creative and cosmopolitan Hungarian Francesco Illy. After World War I Francesco moved to Trieste, Italy, where he found his three great loves in life; his wife, the city of Trieste and coffee. In Italy, Francesco began experimenting with coffee and coffee making, leading to the invention of the "Illetta" espresso machine. Illetta is the forerunner of the modern espresso machine we know today. In addition to Iletta, a process was devised for transporting coffee without losing its aroma or taste. This meant that Illy coffee cans could be shipped to Sweden and the Netherlands as early as the 1940s.

In the 40s, Francesco’s son and chemist Ernesto Illy also started working for the company. The son founded the company's internal chemistry laboratory, with which he laid the foundations for scientific research and development.

From the beginning, Illycaffé has been committed to offering consumers high-quality coffee. In 1988 they patented a computer-protected selection process for the coffee beans. This process allows the sampling of every bean in order to find only the best ones.

In 2007, the Iperespresso system was launched. It is a pod system that enables automatic preparation of the perfect espresso in your home.

The company's mission is to elevate the consumers quality of life by bringing them the best coffee that nature can offer. Illy coffee is refined by modern technology and Illycaffé's commitment to creating the most beautiful products.