Price Match Guarantee - Your guarantee that you will always get the best possible price from Kaffekapslen!

How do you use the Price Match Guarantee:

We are constantly examining the market prices of the goods we sell to ensure that we always offer products at a fixed, low price. If you find one of our products cheaper on a competitor's website (before or after you have purchased on our website), you can send us a link to the cheaper price on [email protected] - and we will match the price.


Terms of using the Price Match Guarantee:

To claim your Price Match Guarantee, your purchase must comply with certain conditions
• The Price Match Guarantee applies until 14 days after the order is placed.
• The product must be in stock on the competitor's website and be identical to our product and have the same or a better expiration date than our product
• The competitor’s price must be valid at the time of placing the order and during our examination of the competitor's price.
• Price Match Guarantee only covers prices on British online stores that sell in Pounds (£). i.e. not foreign or physical stores. The Price Match Guarantee does not cover physical stores because we cannot confirm that the quality of the goods is the same as ours - e.g. in relation to stock status and shelf life.
• The Price Match Guarantee does not apply to quantity discounts, package offers, auctions, or offers offered to membership holders as it is not possible to make direct comparisons with such prices and our "simple" prices.


The Price Match Guarantee process:

Once your Price Match Guarantee has been processed, you will receive a message from our customer service. In the case of an order you have already placed, we will refund the difference. If you have not yet ordered from us, our customer service will confirm that they will refund the difference once you have placed an order.