Product description of Milk Frother

Do you also like a delicious frothed Cappuccino?

If you're making one of those classic cafe drinks, the coffee is obviously the main thing - but if you're having a Cappuccino or Latte, like the one you drink out on the town, then the milk needs to be frothed.

There are plenty of machines that can froth the milk for you, but they're often expensive and take up a lot of space. But with this simple handheld milk frother, you can froth milk exactly the way you want in just a moment - and it takes up no more space than it can easily fit in any kitchen drawer.

And if you're feeling a bit artistic, you can use the milk frother to easily create your own Latte Art to make your coffee even more attractive. Because with a creamy milk, you get a great canvas to draw, for example, a little heart to decorate your coffee with.

In other words, here is an easy and user-friendly milk frother that makes it easy to offer a delicious creamy coffee.

The milk frother uses 2 AA batteries (not included).






Milk frother



Reviews (2)

The metal coil on top of the frother came off after couple of weeks. This is very risky. Think about the implications and severity if that coil got in the coffee cup unnoticed and got stuck in someone's throat! I believe you should review this product as it hinders the health and safety of its users. Read More
Wasn't sure if this would work but it's fantastic, highly recommend Read More