Meet your new favourite thermal mug!

This versatile and stylish companion for your everyday beverage needs seamlessly transitions between a regular mug and a convenient travel cup with its included silicone lid. Crafted with a double wall for superior insulation, it keeps your hot drinks nice and warm and your cold beverages refreshingly cool for longer periods.

With a Kaffekapslen inspired design, this mug combines functionality with eye-catching aesthetics. Its 9x14.5 measurements ensure a perfect fit in most cup holders, making it ideal for using it at home or carrying it with you while running errands.

Whether you're enjoying a cosy morning coffee at home or taking it on the go, we are sure you will never want to do without.

These mugs are not dishwasher safe.






Coffee Spot Thermal mug - Kaffekapslen

Ceramic Thermal mug - 300 ml.

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