Intenso is a coffee created for people who like their coffee strong, but not too much. Intenso is part of illy's well-known Classico series, which comes in three different levels of strength, with Intenso in the middle.

This is a full-bodied espresso with notes of cocoa and dried fruit, ending with a distinctive and lasting aftertaste. You can genuinely taste the roasting process with this coffee, and illy has been able to capture both the light and darker flavour notes of the beans.

The coffee is extra aromatic, because illy uses a patented 2-step technology in the pods, where the coffee flavour is first extracted from the ground beans at extremely high pressure for an extra rich and distinctive taste, and then the coffee is pressed through a specially designed funnel to mix the coffee's natural oils with air and create a rich crema.

If you are an espresso lover, we can highly recommend these pods. Intenso is a classic, aromatic espresso, made according to the very best traditions of a genuine Italian coffee pioneer, with a flavour that is neither too weak nor too strong, but somewhere delightfully in between.

illy was founded in Trieste, Italy in 1933, and is still managed by the descendants of the company's founder, Francesco Illy. The classic red-and-white illy logo is a familiar sight in fashionable cafés around the world, and every day millions of cups of illy coffee are enjoyed in cafés, offices and homes across the globe.


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illy Intenso

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