illy India is a carefully formulated blend of the best Arabica coffee beans from the Indian subcontinent. India is best known for tea, and therefore probably not the first country one thinks of when it comes to coffee. However, coffee has been grown in India since the 17th century, and India is actually among the 10 largest coffee producers in the world.

This coffee has been created with sustainably grown Arabica beans, which have then been slowly and frugally dark-roasted at precise temperatures to caramelise and highlight all of the coffee bean's unique flavour nuances and aromas.

India is the motherland of spices, and you can feel it in this coffee. You get a coffee that has a full and intensely spicy taste, with notes of pepper and dark chocolate.

illy uses a patented 2-step technology in the capsules, where the coffee taste is first extracted from the ground beans at an extremely high pressure which creates an extra rich and nuanced taste. Then the coffee is pressed through a specially designed funnel where the coffee's natural oils are mixed with air to create a full-bodied crema.

In other words, here is an aromatic coffee classic that is the perfect synthesis of the best traditions of Colombian and Italian coffee culture.

illy was founded in Trieste, Italy in 1933, and is still led by the descendants of the company's founder, Francesco Illy. The classic red-and-white illy logo is a familiar sight in fashionable cafes around the world, and every day millions of cups of Illy coffee are enjoyed in cafes, offices and homes across the globe. illy is one of the pioneers of the coffee industry, known not only for its coffee, but also for having invented the modern Espresso machine and cutting-edge packaging.


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illy India

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