Kaffekapslen – Your coffee pod supplier


We are Kaffekapslen, and our mission is ambitious, yet simple: We want to offer the greatest possible assortment of coffee capsules and pods, while making it cheap and easy for our customers to purchase their favourite coffee.  

Thanks to Kaffekapslen, 2.000.000 coffee lovers in almost all European countries can easily order their coffee from our webshop. 

We pride ourselves with offering the lowest possible prices. Always. Therefore, we do not offer seasonal sales, special promotions or coupon codes. 

Kaffekapslen’s History

Kaffekapslen was established in Denmark in 2011. With our loyal customers’ support, we have been able to grow our assortment consistently, and are now one of the largest coffee capsule and pod resellers in the world. 

We started by selling coffee to Danish customers, which is why our name is “Kaffekapslen”. In Danish, “Kaffekapslen” means “The Coffee Capsule”. Although we now sell in many European countries, we stay true to our Danish roots and our obsession with offering a vast selection of coffee capsules.

Our team consists of more than 200 friendly coffee enthusiasts who work passionately to meet the rightfully high expectations of our beloved customers. 

Kaffekapslen in Great Britain

We have been providing Great Britain with coffee pods since mid-2022, and we’re excited to continue growing and expanding on the British Isles.  

Opening in Great Britain made sense to us, and we hope it makes sense to you to order your coffee on Kaffekapslen. With our incredible variety of pods for your machine as well as our extremely fair prices, we look forward to continuing providing you with your favourite drinks.  

We understand how important it is to have your daily coffee – we need it too!