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Chocolate Aroma ground coffee from Kaffekapslen
Segafredo intermezzo ground coffee
Caramel Aroma ground coffee from Kaffekapslen
Espresso Casa - Segafredo
Decaf 125g grounded coffee from illy
Qualità  Oro grounded coffee from Lavazza
Classico grounded coffee from illy
Lavazza Epsresso Italiano Ground Coffee
Classico grounded coffee from Lavazza
Vanilla Aroma ground coffee from Kaffekapslen
Hazelnut Aroma ground coffee from Kaffekapslen
Lavazza Qualita Oro Ground coffee
Lavazza Qualita Rossa Ground Coffee
illy Intenso ground coffee
illy Decaffeinated
illy Filter Coffee Medium Roast ground coffee
Lavazza Tierra Bio-Organic ground coffee
Lavazza Caffé Decaffeinato ground coffee
illy Classico for moka pot
illy Intenso
illy Classico

Beauty tips with coffee grounds

With coffee grounds, you can have guilt-free and natural beauty routines that you can always return to. Here are some pieces that might surprise you:

  • When life shows up under your eyes as bloated masses, you can store the coffee grounds from your cup of morning coffee, let it cool down and place it under your eyes while soaking up in a hot bath for 20 minutes. Then clean with cold water.
  • Coffee scrubs are known to work well for exfoliation and massage to minimize orange and dry skin.
  • A natural way to color or highlight your auburn hair is by mixing coffee grounds in your conditioner and letting it sit in your hair for at least 5 minutes.
  • Coffee grounds can be used to make a good face mask. Mix 1 tablespoon of coffee grounds with 2 tablespoons of neutral yogurt. Apply the mask on your freshly washed face and let it sit for 15 minutes. Your skin will be left more glowing and radiant than before.

Lesser known coffee facts

Here are some interesting coffee facts that you most likely did not know about until today:

  • 48 years is the average age of a barista in Italy, which of course is a respected job.
  • In Greece and Turkey, coffee is always served first to the oldest person.
  • Cowboy coffee has a legendary tale of how cowboys made jugs of coffee using a clean sock (we hope) with ground coffee in it, which was dipped in water and boiled over the fire until the coffee was hot, strong and ready to drink.

3 mistakes to avoid

Next time you unpack a bag of ground coffee remember what you are reading here:

  • Using unfiltered tap water can make a huge difference to your coffee depending on the quality of the water in which you live.
  • Storing coffee in the freezer is a big mistake. All you have to remember is to avoid air, moisture, heat and light coming near your ground coffee.
  • It is a common mistake not to use enough coffee per cup. Follow the instructions on the package or find out how much tastes best and remember it.

The life of ground coffee

Unfortunately, ground coffee will never have a long life compared to whole coffee beans. Therefore, you need to store the coffee in the best way so that you can enjoy the greatest possible taste for the longest possible time. It is said that the taste of coffee begins to change after 2 weeks. Coffee connoisseurs will most likely say even earlier. An airtight steel container is the best choice for storage.