Senseo Mocca Gourmet pods deliver a coffee that delights and surprises with unique aromas. The name Mocca is derived from the port city of Mocha in Yemen.

The pods contain lightly roasted Arabica beans to make a complex, well-rounded and versatile coffee with a soft, velvety crema.

Your Mocca Gourmet coffee is ready within just a minute, simply insert a pod into your Philips Senseo machine and with one click of the button, you can enjoy the delicate yet distinctive flavour of your coffee. The ground roast coffee is rich in sweetness and fresh acidity with delicious notes of chocolate.

With unique flavours and medium intensity, Senseo Mocca Gourmet is the ideal coffee for serving after dinner when entertaining guests. One pack contains 36 Senseo Mocca Gourmet pods.

The Senseo Mocca Gourmet pods are suitable for use in all Senseo coffee machines.


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Senseo Mocca Gourmet

36 Pods for Senseo


Reviews (6)

Another 4 star coffee due to its different taste. I like this blend as it is a well balanced blend and has a 'softer' taste than most. Read More
Great taste.Good delivery Read More
Good coffee with hint of chocolate, slightly richer than the Classic which I use daily. Read More
A good, well rounded flavour, suitable for everyday drinks.
Competitively priced for a good product.
Read More
This is OK but coffee could be a little stronger Read More
A nice coffee and chocolate blend not sweet just right Read More