Ethiopian coffee beans are among the most exclusive in the world, and known for their delicate floral notes.

Here you get our Ethiopian single origin coffee, which is of course made from 100% Arabica beans.

If we have to be a little unassuming and say it ourselves, we have created a unique coffee here. Because here you get a coffee that differs from other coffees by having a characteristic acidity. This acidity is quite conscious, and has been produced by the fact that the beans have undergone a particularly mild roasting. But, in addition to this, it also has a body that comes with the typical notes of wild berries and flowers that are known from Ethiopian beans, and which helps to give the coffee a special freshness.

Here is therefore a coffee that is created for everyone who likes a coffee with a fresh taste, which also at the same time may be a little sour.

We have packed the coffee in a pod made of a biodegradable natural material, which means that the pods can be thrown away with the household waste (or on the compost) without any problems after use.

We deliver it in 10 pods, which fits perfectly with your Nespresso® machine.

This product has no affilitation with nor is it produced by or recognised by Nespresso®.


Number of pods


Number of cups







Flowers, Berries


Rainforest alliance, Biodegradable, Arabica

Cup size



Medium (6/10)

Best before


Lungo - Compostable

10 pods for Nespresso®


Reviews (5)

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