Easy and effective descaling for your Nespresso Pro® capsule machine.

With Kaffekapslen’s liquid descaling you get a professional descaling for a professional machine.

A Nespresso Pro® machine works hard every day and brews a large amount of cups of coffee. It is therefore important that it is regularly descaled to ensure it continues working perfectly.

Descaling gives the following advantages:

  • Longer longevity for your machine
  • Ensures the right temperature
  • Ensures the right amount of coffee is brewed
  • The machine vibrates less during brewing
  • Avoids functional errors

We recommend that you follow the machine’s manual’s recommendations in terms of how frequently you should descale your machine, but a rule of thumb is to descale your machine once a month – this can only be good for your machine.

Kaffekapslen’s descaling for Nespresso Pro® is easy to use. On the bottle you will find the guide for preparing the solution in your water tank, and all you have to do afterwards is follow your machine’s descaling programme, which you can find more information about in your machine’s manual.

The descaling liquid is phosphate-free and thus does not leave marks, stains, or discolorations on your machine. It also includes a disinfecting product that cleans the bacteria and other impurities out of your machine.

In this box you will find enough descaling product for 2 descalings.







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Liquid Descaler Kaffekapslen

2 Doses for Nespresso® Pro

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