Perfect descaling every time!

The smart Tassimo machine lets you know automatically when it is time to find your Service T-Disc and descale your machine. This way, your machine ensures that you always have a perfect coffee experience every single time, and the brewing time is always the same, without suffering from limescale deposits.

Kaffekapslen has created this phosphate-free descaler for Tassimo that makes it easy to descale your machine. Simply pour the solution in a 10-1 scale – meaning 100ml of descaler for 1L of water – and pour it in the water tank.

Afterwards, simply run your Tassimo’s descaling programme (consult your machine’s manual for more information).

Remember to rinse thoroughly after descaling.

The descaling solution gives your machine a thorough descaling as well as ensure your machine’s good hygiene by cleaning out impurities in the machine thanks to its disinfecting agent. It is also phosphate-free, meaning that it will not leave stains or marks on your machine.

The descaler bottle contains enough solution for 2 descalings.

Take care of your Tassimo with a descaling – your machine will love you for it and give you delicious and quickly brewed coffee in return.








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Liquid Descaler Kaffekapslen

2 Doses for Tassimo


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