There’s nothing better than a delicious cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate to enjoy it with. Or is there? How about a chocolate flavoured coffee? A 2-in-1 experience that will leave you wanting more.

Kaffekapslen proposes their Arabica ground coffee to which chocolate flavouring has been added for a filter coffee experience like never before. You can make a pot of coffee that smells like you’ve let a piece of chocolate melt in your coffee cup and will taste exactly like that. That’s why this coffee is just as good black as it is with milk or sugar added.

This lovely coffee is packaged packets of 250g so that you can share with your loved ones or experiment with brewing methods and find the perfect balance of coffee and milk or coffee and sugar for you if you don’t want just black coffee.


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Chocolate Coffee - Kaffekapslen

250 g. ground coffee


Reviews (5)

Great taste and great price for this coffee. Read More
Perfect for everyone who loves dark chocolate...or any chocolate ;) Read More
This is so smooth and really does have that chocolate taste and aroma. Will be purchasing more, nicest coffee I've tried! Read More
Brilliant, the flavours dont overpower one another, and it's not too sweet Read More
LOVE the Hazelnut Coffee !! and I've tried most of them available in the UK, well worth the short wait from Denmark and priced very well. Chocolate flavored coffee is great too, your new UK fan !. Read More

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