A Flat White is a new classic and has become a big hit in trendy cafés and coffee shops all over the world in recent years.

The Flat White is closely related to a cappuccino, and is based on an espresso with warm, creamy milk. This creates a soft and delicious body with a strong taste of coffee, without it ever becoming too much.

Unlike a cappuccino, however, a Flat White does not have the milk foam on top, hence its name.

A Flat White is originally from Australia. The story goes that it was invented because coffee drinkers Down Under were frustrated by the amount of foam on a cappuccino, and would ask for a 'Flat White' – i.e. a cappuccino without milk foam.

If you enjoy the taste of espresso coffee, you can always choose a Flat White – with all the deliciousness of coffee teamed with a delightful creamy texture.

Make your own Flat White at home in your Tassimo machine, which recognises your pods thanks to the smart Intellibrew technology, and knows exactly what temperature, time and amount of water are needed according to the pod's specifications.

This is a lovely everyday coffee with a balanced flavour, and you can drink it from morning to evening.


Cream (from MILK) (43%), roast and ground coffee (25%), sugar, MILK protein concentrate, water, MILK minerals, salt, thickener (E414), acidity regulator (E331)


Number of pods


Number of cups



Coffee Shop Selections



Cup size

Regular Cup


Medium (5/10)

Best before


Nutrition Information per 100 ml.

Energy, kcal




Fat (g)


- of which saturated fats (g)




- of which sugars


Flat White - Coffee Shop Selections

16 pods for Tassimo


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When no-one else has this you can rely on Kaffekapslen to not only have the stock but also to deliver correctly and on-time.

Well done.
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We have had a few deliveries and always quick and packed well
The price has been good as well
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This beats any coffee I have ever tried!
Delicious, creamy, smooth, with a delicate taste.
Can never find it in shops so always order direct from Kaffekapslen. Best price, best service you could ask for!
Thank you Kaffekapslen!
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These flat white pods are amazing. My go to coffee is a flat white and I find these are as good as an actual coffee shop one. Read More
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Great price and tastes great. Read More
Amazing as it's big full sized drink I love flat white but always want more as Coffee Shops always charge more for it. This version has all the taste and loads to enjoy brilliant Read More
I like this product because it is very close to a high street coffee vendor whose flat white I adored (still do). The slight smell of milk; if can be avoided/reduced further this will a five star from me :-) Read More
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I’ve struggled to find the coffe shop flat white tassimo pods abd jaggekapsken Read More
Great coffee and delivered within the time frame stated.
Excellent company to deal with.
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My go to coffee flat white is great anytime of day Read More
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