You get this beautiful latte glass in a unique Italian design.

The size fits perfectly with a good, Italian cup of latte - made on your favorite capsules.






Cup size

Large Cup

Latte Glass

390 ml


Reviews (5)

Have got two of these now, got them as free gifts when ordering the Lavazza starter pack. They're now my to go coffee cups! Would have bought event if they hadn't been free. Read More
Complements the kitchen and nice to have a coffee in Read More
A good glass for lattes, it doesn't feel too hot to hold and it is nice to see the coffee and milk mixing, little things :). The only drawback is that it cools down the coffee quite quickly - it may get too hot to hold if preheated? Read More
Lovely glass for a latte
Coffee taste so nice when I drink it from it
Read More
Nice glass, has a good weight and I love the colours. The print is a bit offset but you'd only notice when looking up close Read More