Full-bodied Espresso in natural balance.

Here you get an Espresso which is made exclusively from organic coffee beans. The body is light and fresh, and in terms of taste you get an interplay of citrus and caramel notes.

In terms of strength, it is just below the highest steps on the scale, so it is a coffee that is clearly full-bodied, but without being intense. It can therefore be enjoyed clean without the need to balance it with milk or coffee.

As you can expect from a premium coffee like L'OR's, you taste that the bean quality is top notch, but in addition to being UTZ certified (like all L'OR coffees), it is also bio-certified, so you can be 100% sure that the beans are been grown organically and completely without the use of pesticides and pesticides.

In other words, you get an Espresso that comes in the usual quality you can expect from L'OR, but where you also support a good cause.

We deliver it in a package of 10 pods that fits perfectly with your Nespresso® machine.
L'OR is a coffee brand with French roots which was launched by Jacobs Douwe Egberts in 1992, with the aim of creating a new gold standard in the premium coffee sector. All L'OR coffees are UTZ certified, guaranteeing that the beans have been grown with consideration for the environment and the workers' social conditions.

These capsules/pods are not affiliated with nor produced, approved or endorsed by Nestlé®.


Roast and ground coffee


Number of pods


Number of cups







Fruit, Caramel


Organic, Aluminium

Cup size



Very strong (9/10)

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L'OR Espresso Organic

10 pods for Nespresso®


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Could not find this coffee anywhere in UK
Great service and great coffee
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