A Philips Senseo coffee pod machine is the ideal system for making a wide variety of tasty hot drinks. To keep your machine in perfect working order, we recommend that you treat it with the Kaffekapslen descaling tablets.

Descaling your Senseo machine on a regular basis helps prevent limescale deposits from negatively affecting the temperature, taste and ingredients. This process also extends the life of your machine and prevents unnecessary damage. The Kaffekapslen descaling tablets have been specially developed for the Philips Senseo machine and contain citric acid which effectively descales the machine in a gentle manner to keep it in superb condition and ensure great coffee aromas.

We recommend that you descale your Senseo machine at least once every three months to keep it healthy. The product is compatible with all Senseo coffee machines but it is important that you follow the correct descaling instructions for your specific Senseo model.

Once your machine has been descaled, you can again look forward to the highest quality lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolates and more!








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Descaling Tablets Kaffekapslen

3 doses for Senseo

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