Nespresso® Pro machines have revolutionised businesses with their innovative and extraordinary technology. They have brought the world a new coffee experience and better tastes with their unique combination of a variety of great tasting coffee beans and shorter brewing times. Nespresso® Pro machines work extremely hard, delivering countless cups of coffee, making optimal maintenance all the more important.

The Kaffekapslen descaling tablets for Nespresso® Pro gently and effectively eliminates the limescale that builds up in your machine over time. This extends the life of your machine and ensures that your coffee tastes delicious and satisfies professional needs. It is important to descale your Nespresso® Pro machine every other month if you use your machine daily, and to keep an eye out for the machine’s descaling alerts.

This pack of tablets includes 6 tablets, which is perfect for 3 descalings, and they are perfectly compatible with your Nepresso® Pro machine.







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Descaling tablets Kaffekapslen

3 doses for Nespresso® Pro


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