Löfbergs is proud to present their Contessa coffee for Caffitaly machines.

The Swedish brand Löfbergs is Swedish coffee at its finest. For years they have created delicious coffee blends, and you can now bring this Contessa blend to be used in your Caffitaly machine.

Here is a coffee made 100% of Arabica beans. You get a creamy espresso with notes of dark chocolate and dried fruit that leave an intense aftertaste, allowing you to enjoy your coffee moment for a bit longer. This coffee is also Rainforest Alliance certified, so you know it is sustainably and ethically sourced. What is better than good coffee from a good source?

This pack of Löfbergs Contessa contains 96 pods. You can thus be sure to have enough coffee to last you a while.

Making a delicious espresso has never been easier with your Caffialy machine: insert the pod and press the button for an espresso and voilà! High quality coffee in the blink of an eye.


Number of pods


Number of cups







Dried fruit, Dark Chocolate

Cup size



Medium (6/10)

Best before


Löfbergs Contessa Big Pack

96 pods for Caffitaly


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Have a caffitaly machine and therefor limited supplier of pods. Stumbled across kaffekapslen and their prices are excellent and quality of coffee is great. Also, customer communication, shipping etc all flows like clockwork. Won’t use anyone else for my coffee pods now. Read More

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