Brew the perfect filter coffee

Once you've chosen your favourite coffee, of course you'll also need to remember to get coffee filters. Because then you'll be ready to brew your coffee as soon as the package arrives.

Here you get a pack of coffee filters from the well-known German coffee company Melitta. With these filters, you can rest assured that you're getting a quality product that does what it's supposed to, because Melitta pioneered the modern coffee filter that we also use nowadays.

With these coffee filters you can brew a filter coffee completely without coffee grounds, giving you the perfect taste experience that only a wonderful freshly brewed filter coffee can deliver.

The filters are created with the so-called aroma apertures, which are microscopic holes that ensure that only the liquid coffee passes through the filter with just the right flow time. The flow time is the time that the water is in contact with the ground coffee in the filter. The longer this contact is, the more flavour is extracted, which significantly affects the taste of the coffee.

The Melitta filter is also manufactured without glue or other adhesives, and is therefore, in addition to being extremely environmentally friendly, also your guarantee that no undesirable by-products are added to the coffee.

This pack contains 80 filters, and is size 102. You will therefore have enough filters for a good while before it is time to buy some new ones.






Melitta Coffee Filter Original

80 filters - Size 102


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