Classic aromatic Arabica coffee.

The Carte Noire brand is highly prized by French coffee lovers, due to its high quality and fine flavour combinations.

Classique is one of Carte Noire's signature coffees, which have been created from 100% best quality dark roasted Arabica coffee beans. Here is a coffee that nicely represents the best French coffee traditions, in the form of a classic Arabica coffee created with carefully selected beans. The result is a coffee that comes with an intense taste and full-bodied aroma, accompanied by subtle fruit nuances.

Classique is perfect for those who want a quality coffee for everyday use, but at a reasonable price. It can be brewed on filter coffee machines, French presses or as a slow-brew.

For the optimal experience, we recommend that you grind the coffee just before you use it.

Since 1979, Carte Noire has been creating their quality coffee in Lavérune, Southern France. Carte Noire's expertise in the selection of coffee beans, combined with a long and profound coffee roasting tradition, has made Carte Noire one of the most well-known and popular coffee brands in France.

In contrast to other coffee companies, Carte Noire focuses its selection on coffees created with Arabica beans, primarily from South and Central America.


Roasted coffee beans


Amount (g.)



Carte Noire




Strong (7/10)

Best before


Carte Noire Classique

1000 g. coffee beans


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Very good taste Read More
Very nice coffee and good service from Kapslen.
Thank you
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So happy to find that I can get these beans delivered as not available in the UK. Took me right back to France. Delivery was great and beans fantastic! Read More
First time I used Kaffekapslen. Ordered 5 packs of Cafe Carte Noire Classique. Got delivered within 1 week. Cafe fresh and well packaged. I will order again. Read More
Product was very good. It was delivered on time .Everything was excellent Read More
This is my favourite coffee and it can be difficult to find sometimes. The price was great and arrived faster than I thought it would. Will definitely order again! Read More
Definitely one of my favourite coffees!
Makes the perfect espresso, americano and latte. A very versatile and flavourful dark roast
Read More
This is my ‘must have’ coffee, unavailable as beans in the UK. Kaffekapslen sent it quickly and at a good price. I’ll be ordering this again from them. Read More
Amazing coffee. Great services Read More
Excellent service with the product I ordered on time and undamaged-well done Kaffekapslen. Read More

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