Velvety Arabica in a creamy cup.

With this variant, Senseo has created a classic crema coffee, which is a coffee variant that is particularly popular in the Alpine countries.

A Caffè crema like this is a coffee variant that in its style and brewing technique is closely related to an Espresso coffee, but where the coffee has a grind that is mainly used for filter coffee. This results in a coffee that has a cup size similar to that of a filter coffee, but where you get a cup with a little more body, intensity and not least crema, in the style of an Espresso.

This Crema is medium roast and created from 100% Arabica beans. The coffee has a lovely rounded taste with harmoniously balanced flavours and mild acidity, which is crowned by a velvety smooth crema.

In other words, this is a coffee that combines the best of both espresso and filter coffee at once.

We deliver it at a reasonable price, lightning fast and right to your doorstep.

This coffee is UTZ certified, which is your guarantee that the coffee has been grown in an environmentally responsible way and under proper conditions for the coffee farmers. The pods are compostable and can therefore be thrown away with the kitchen waste without any problems.


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Senseo Caffé Crema

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