Give your coffee machine the same loving care it gives you.

With the DeLonghi DLSC002 water filter, you can prevent limescale and other impurities from accumulating in your machine. This ensures that the machine has optimal working conditions and that you get the best cup of coffee every time.

Tap water as we know it today is usually very chalky, and this both affects the taste of the water and can cause hard wear and tear on household appliances such as kettles and capsule machines.

A water filter not only filters limescale, but also other sediments such as sand or metals from your tap water as it runs through your pipes. With a water filter, you therefore not only get water that is clearer and tastes better, but which is also healthier for you and your whole family

As a coffee lover, you will therefore experience a cleaner and better coffee flavour when you filter the water, and not least, your capsule machine will also love the filtered water. With water purified of limescale, the machine does not have to work as hard to heat the water. Moreover, preventing limescale on internal components prolongs the machine’s lifetime.

This filter efficiently purifies your tap water, so you only get clean, clear and fresh water.

The filter is easily to install - just click it into place on the filter holder in your water tank. Remember to flush the filter before use and read the instructions supplied to make sure it is installed correctly.

The package contains one filter, which lasts for approx. two months.

Italian DeLonghi was founded in 1902 and is now known as one of the world's leading suppliers of coffee equipment, where the DeLonghi brand can be seen in trendy cafes around the world. From its headquarters in Treviso, the DeLonghi Group currently exports their products to over 75 countries across the globe.






Delonghi water filter DLSC002

1 filter for Delonghi Espresso machines


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