Café René has created 3 everyday coffees in the range for Senseo, which share their taste and character, but which come in different degrees of strength, ranging from mild to strong.

With Strong you get Café René's strong variety. Here is a coffee that is created for all those who like a good cup of strong coffee. Just as coal and oil fuelled the industrial revolution, a good cup of strong coffee is a source of new energy, fuelling you for the day ahead.

These pods are designed to brew large cups, and contain a dark-roasted coffee, which comes with an aromatic intensity, caramelised sweetness and pleasant bitterness.

So if you prefer your coffee strong, or just need extra strength every now and then, we can recommend Café René Strong. This is an XL version so you can brew an extra large cup.

This is a good everyday coffee at a reasonable price, which comes with a body that can go nicely with milk and sugar. Or in other words, a no nonsense strong coffee, with a taste that in our opinion will suit most people.

Café René Strong comes in a package of 20 pods that fit perfectly with your Senseo machine


Number of pods


Number of cups



Café René



Cup size

Large Cup


Very strong (9/10)

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Café René Strong (Large Cup)

20 pods for Senseo


Reviews (6)

great taste. We rely on this for one of our regular coffee hits Read More
We’ve tried all the flavours and have settled on this coffee for it’s size, taste and effectiveness. A very nice coffee Read More
Bought as a taste test against the two other strong XL pads available. It compares well on strength, but does have a different taste, but not unpleasant. No problems in the machine, no flow usually means the grounds have blocked the small holes in the pad holder. So nice to have a selection of XL pads to choose from and at such a good price. Read More
I didn't enjoy these - they are not particularly strong and have quite an unpleasant aftertaste.
They also get waterlogged inside the machine; the coffee trickles out very slowly so I have to press the mug button three times just to get my normal sized mug of coffee out of them. When I go to take the pod out afterwards there's still a lot of liquid in there. I've used a Senseo brand mug sized (XL) pod before and not had that issue.
Read More
I get a strange after taste , possibly too strong for me. Read More
Excellent coffee at an amazingly low price. Good efficient service. Read More