Fiery with classic origins.

Merrild coffee has been a regular part of the breakfast table in countless Danish homes for decades, enjoyed for its delicious taste and balance.

Merrild has for many years been a safe choice for Danish coffee connoisseurs. With Senseo Merrild Strong you too can satisfy cravings for a slightly stronger than normal coffee.

Merrild Strong coffee is based on the well-known and highly esteemed classic Merrild taste, but here in a version that is both deeper and fuller. This is an intense dark-roasted coffee with chocolate and cocoa notes, and a round body with a lingering and pleasant aftertaste.

It is a coffee that is good for invigorating you in the morning and, if the taste is a little too intense, can be enjoyed with a little milk and sugar in the afternoon.

A good everyday coffee, which often gives an appetite for an extra cup.

Merrild Kaffe is a Danish coffee producer founded in 1964 in Kolding, with a mission to sell quality coffee to private individuals at reasonable prices. Merrild is based in Fredericia, not far from the grocery store basement where the founder, Møller Merrild, roasted the first beans. Today, Merrild is owned by the well-known Italian coffee producer Lavazza, that, like Merrild, has a long and proud history of creating quality coffee.


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Merrild Strong

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Lovely full bodied coffee, one of a great selection at a great price. Read More