Intense and invigorating

Get the best start to the day and save money on your Senseo favourite. This package contains 48 pods for Senseo, so you can get properly stocked up and your morning coffee secured.

Senseo Strong is a full-bodied and aromatic coffee created from dark-roasted Arabica and Robusta beans. This is a coffee that is a little more intense than a regular coffee, enhanced by the addition of a little Robusta in the blend. Robusta beans gives this coffee an edge, adding a little extra fullness, caffeine and crema and helping it to live up to its name 'Strong'

This is a coffee which, with its full body and high caffeine content, is well suited for the dark mornings when you need a little extra shot of energy to start the day. It is a coffee where the coffee taste really penetrates, but which, we should be quick to point out, is never so intense that it becomes too much.

Your Senseo machine brews it to perfection - and we deliver it as always at a reasonable price, lightning fast and right to your doorstep.


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Senseo Strong

48 pods for Senseo


Reviews (11)

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Just perfect…..full flavour without any bitterness I would recommend Read More
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A good strong coffee. Good taste without bitterness. Read More
Thanks for being there for my coffee, senseo is difficult to come by but I always have prompt and reliable supply and able to see best before. So brilliant service thanks again. Read More
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Excellent coffee Read More
Have been using Senseo pads since machine first on market and have tried most varieties but first time from Kaffekapslen, servic, delivery and PRICE first class. Read More
As a coffee only drinker I love this coffee. So happy to find this supplier, products reasonably priced compared to other retailers. And the order and delivery process very easy and quick. Emails advising status of order/delivery. Would def recommend. Read More
Great tasting coffee. With the Senseo machine and a Senseo strong coffee pod you can vary the strength by using different sized cups so its suitable for all tastes. Read More