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Take a coffee trip with L'OR and discover new favorites.

Here we have put together a package with 10 of our most popular L'OR varieties.

That way, you can easily taste a wide selection from the large L'OR range, and find your new L'Or favorites. Because even though you can always read our product descriptions and reviews, the safest way is of course always to try yourself.

With this package, you get far around the L'OR range. Because here we have made an extra effort to put together a package that is as varied as possible.

In the package you will therefore find coffees that range from fiery Espressos, over gentler medium-roasted Lungos, to exotic world coffee, in addition to many other varieties.

You get a pack of 10 pods of each variant, so there is plenty of opportunity to try it out - and also
enough pods to offer a friend or family member a cup, if there are several of you who will have to decide what to buy in the future.


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L'OR Starter Pack for Nespresso®

100 pods for Nespresso®

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