All coffee lovers know that descaling is essential to one's coffee experience. The coffee tastes better, and the machine lives longer, but it can be a hassle!  

Meet DeLonghi's Softballs anti-limescale spheres, the ideal solution for keeping your machine healthy longer with minimum effort. Each pack contains two Softball sachets, which are incredibly easy to use. Simply insert one of the sachets containing the anti-limescale spheres in your machine's water tank and replace it once empty (usually between 1 and 3 months).

DeLonghi's softballs are easy to use and great for you and your machine! This product prevents limescale formation in the water tank without altering the smell and taste of the water or stripping away any important mineral salts. Keep your machine healthy, and enjoy creamy, delicious coffee every day with DeLonghi's Softballs Anti-limescale spheres.






Delonghi Softballs DLSC551

2 pieces Anti-limescale Spheres

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