Coffee joy without sleepless nights.

Among the large selection of Gimoka pods you will find all the coffee classics and of course, different espressos of varying tastes and strengths.

Here you get Gimoka's decaffeinated espresso, which is an espresso created for all those who like a good cup of espresso, but want to avoid the invigorating effects of caffeine.

Gimoka Soave is therefore a decaffeinated coffee created on the best Italian coffee traditions, where the beans' caffeine has slowly been removed in the production process, in order to preserve the coffee's flavor nuances, depth and aroma, so that it resembles the coffee you know from a caffeinated variant.

The result of the painstaking decaffeination work, is an espresso with a full-bodied and sweet taste, which comes with a mild bitterness and fresh acidity that you can enjoy throughout the day without having to worry about having your night's sleep spoiled.

We deliver this flavourful coffee in 10 pods that are a perfect fit in your Caffitaly machine.

Gimoka is an Italian coffee producer that can trace its origins back to the early 1980s. Based in Andalo Valtellino, Lombardy, the company is one of Italy's leading coffee roasters with exports to over 50 countries.

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Koffeinfri ristet og malet kaffe


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Decaffeinated Espresso - Gimoka

10 pods for Nespresso®


Reviews (8)

For those, like me, who like their coffee strong, non-acidic and unapologetically bitter, this coffee is in my opinion, a must try.

Here's my impressions, from unboxing to sipping:

Packaging - Excellent. The product arrived sealed, and opened easily.

Materials - Plastic body. Would be much better if it were aluminum.

Nespresso Machine Compatability - I tried it once, and so far, the capsule did not fit properly, I had to eject it to try again. Not a fantastic start! I thought maybe I was so eager to try it that I didn't put it right, but other reviewers confirm the same.

Crema - As expected from an all-Robusta type, this coffee produces a nice thick crema, however it is not always the prettiest, with fairly large bubbles sitting on top.

Aroma - One of the joys of coffee for me is the aroma, and, being an all-Robusta type, this coffee lacks that irresistible "coffee shop" scent that many of us love.

Flavor - Whereas it lacks the complexity of Arabica or Arabica-Robusta blends, this product compensates with a deep flavor and a long-lasting aftertaste that I like. It's a good variety to have for when you want a strong bitter taste and nothing but.

Price - An unbeatable offer.
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Very weak, bitter and rather unpleasant taste Read More
Dot really work in my machine, Nespresso. Capsules are slightly smaller than the metal ones. Mix of plastic and metal foil not ideal for recycling Read More
Very good coffee for the price. Read More
I wasn't sure what to expect from the price of these but I was pleasantly surprised. I prefer the aluminium capsules but for the price of these, they can't be beaten. Read More
Bought these for the old woman's white coffee and enjoys it, but what women don't enjoy it Read More
Whilst this coffee has an OK taste, the capsules do not work in my machine. It states they work in a Pixie and my machine is identical but a Krups and they do not work properly - water everywhere Read More
very cheap taste worth paying a bit more for a richer smoother blend Read More