An unchanged favourite since 1918.

This classic from the famed Zoégas roastery is sure to be a favourite among Kaffekapslen customers. Each Arabica bean is carefully picked from the high altitudes of Latin American plantations to create an impeccable blend. Not only is it an exquisite blend, but it is also environmentally friendly, as demonstrated by the Rainforest Alliance certification. 

This particular blend and the dark roasting of its beans give you a cup of coffee that is slightly acidic with notes of fruit and blackcurrant. The earthy flavour also has hints of nuts, and you’ll have a pleasant, lingering aftertaste. 

Not only is the environment considered when creating this blend, but the so is the well-being of the farmers in Brazil and East Africa who are picking the beans. You can thus enjoy a cup of Skånerost coffee with a good conscience.

For the best results we recommend grinding the coffee beans just before use. Between each cup, make sure to store the beans in an airtight container to fully preserve the delicate aroma of the beans. 

Get your bag of 450g of Skånerost coffee beans now from Kaffekapslen.


Roasted coffee beans


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Rainforest alliance, Arabica


Strong (7/10)

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Zoegas Skånerost

450 g. coffee beans


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My absolute favorite coffee. Intense and full of flavor! I try a variety of different specialty coffees, but I always come back to this bean. Delivery is great, and I'm happy I can get this in the UK. Read More
Very easy to order and I was surprised by how quickly the product was delivered.
We are delighted that we can now enjoy our favourite Swedish coffee in the UK!
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