The perfect blend for the perfect espresso is here. 

The Italian brand Segafredo Zanetti has carefully put together a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans so you can enjoy a true Italian espresso. 

The beans come from Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, and the Ivory Coast. Medium-roasted, the beans give the coffee a spiced and full body with notes of red berries, vanilla, dark chocolate, and nuts. The intense coffee has layers of aromas to discover.

The Selezione Espresso blend used to be called “Selezione Oro”. Although the name may have changed, the recipe and golden quality of the coffee remain the same. With this exclusive blend, you can truly taste the passion, tradition, and attention to detail that Segafredo pours into every blend. 

Get your pack of 1000g of coffee beans now from Kaffekapslen and discover what a true Italian espresso is like. 

We recommend grinding the beans right before use to properly enjoy this golden standard coffee


Amount (g.)





Dark Chocolate, Acidic Robusta, Dark roasted beans, Aromatic Arabica


1000 grams, Arabica/Robusta


Strong (8/10)

Best before


Segafredo Selezione Espresso

1000 g. Kaffebønner

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