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DeLonghi is known for top quality coffee accessories and coffee blends. When you order their blends, you know you’ll get beautifully crafted coffee that you’re sure to enjoy.

We at Kaffekapslen have put together a starter pack of four 1000g bags of DeLonghi Selezione Espresso so that you can get your favourite coffee in bulk. Selezione Espresso is a medium intensity coffee that works perfectly as the base for your cappuccino or latte, or as an espresso. With the beans, you control how it is ground, brewed, and therefore how it will taste.

This blend of Arabica and Robusta beans has fruity notes and a pleasant aftertaste of nuts and spices. It tastes great and, when you grind it, it will make your kitchen smell just as delicious.

We recommend that you store your beans in an airtight container and grind them just before use for the best result.


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Delonghi Selezione Espresso

1000 g. coffee beans

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