Discover Segafredo’s prize-winning coffee blend.

This Selezione Crema coffee is ideal for espresso and lungo coffees. Every kind of coffee lover will be able to enjoy it, no matter how they prefer to enjoy their coffee. When the coffee is brewed it gives off vanilla, mocca, fruit, and nutty aromas. The taste is of chocolate and liquorice. With the complex layers that take over the senses, no wonder this coffee has won a prize.

The beans in this blend come from Brazil, Costa Rica, and the Ivory Coast. On top of the perfect roasting, this blend has a medium caffeine content. This means it is ideal for any time of day, and you do not have to worry about ingesting too much caffeine – especially if you’re the kind of person that drinks many cups throughout the day. 

Segafredo Zanetti has been working with coffee for decades. Their involvement in every single step of the process ensures that the result is of the highest quality. This very quality has not wavered since their beginnings in 1973.

Get your bag of 1000g Selezione Crema coffee beans today. We recommend that you grind the beans just before brewing so that you only get the best result.


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Segafredo Selezione Crema

1000 g. coffee beans


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Amazing smell from the bag, beautiful aroma, and silky cream on top of coffee. Really like it. Read More
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