With a regular descaling, you ensure that you always have a machine in top shape. A machine clogged with limescale does not work optimally. The first thing you will probably notice is that the brewing is noisy and takes longer, but in addition the coffee taste is also affected over time - and in the worst case, a disproportionate amount of limescale can even shorten the lifespan of your machine.

A regular descaling is a maintenance routine that you as coffee machine owner should always take seriously. It is actually recommended that you descale your coffee machine once a month, and at the very least, once every 2 months.

This product ensures that your machine descales optimally, because it is specially developed for Saeco by Philips itself. You can be assured your machine is in safe hands. The package contains 2 bottles, which is enough for 2 descalings.
With a descaling, the following benefits are achieved:

• Less noise during brewing
• The machine brews at the right temperature
• The service life of the machine is extended
• Malfunctions are prevented
• Better coffee taste

Treat your Saeco coffee machine with a descaling - and let it return the favour by brewing you perfect drinks, cup after cup.






Saeco Descaler CA6700/22

2 oses for Espresso Machines

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