Over time, impurities can easily build up in the milk circuit of your Saeco, which can affect both the taste and the long-term performance.

You are therefore probably already well aware that the milk circuit and the milk frother need to be cleaned frequently, but that this can sometimes be a little laborious, as it is not always easy to reach all the places that need to be cleaned with a brush.

It may therefore be a good idea to use a milk circuit cleaner. Because this way you can get the milk system thoroughly cleaned, as it easily cleans the places where your brush cannot reach.

Philips Milk Circuit Cleaner is designed for Saeco, and comes in a pack of 6 sachets with a cleaner specifically designed to clean the machine's milk circuit. With this powder, you can therefore be sure that all milk residues and other impurities are effectively eliminated.

For a machine with a built-in milk nozzle, mix the detergent with water and add it to the machine's milk container. Then run the machine's milk programme through, and repeat the programme with plain water to clean the system through.

For an attached milk frother, remove it (if practical) and put it in a dish mixed with the detergent.

If it is not straightforward to dismantle the milk frother, simply dip it into a dish or glass mixed with the detergent, ensuring that the milk froth is completely coated in the mixture.

In either case, leave the milk frother in the detergent for 20-30 minutes.

Then rinse with clean water and your Saeco is ready to brew your next Cappuccino and Latte to perfection again.






Saeco Aqua Clean CA6903/22

2 filters for espresso machines


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