Kaffekapslen’s ristretto is strong and intense, just as a ristretto should be.

The coffee in these capsules is a blend of dark-roasted Arabica and Robusta beans. The roasting process caramelises the beans, giving you coffee that is full of taste. The blend of beans also provides you with a fruit and sour coffee. It’s the best of Arabica and Robusta beans put together.

Ristrettos are great for a quick coffee when you need a boost of energy or between meetings during your workday. Thanks to this pack of 50 capsules for your Nespresso® Pro, you will be able to have enough for you and your colleagues. The packaging of capsules for Nespresso® Pro helps keep the coffee fresh, so each cup feels like a freshly ground and brewed coffee in an Italian café.

Get your Kaffekapslen ristretto for Nespresso® Pro today.


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Ristretto - Kaffekapslen

50 Pro-capsules for Nespresso®


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This was my first venture into this make, supplier, these capsules over the more expensive capsules, shows that quality done have to be more expensive.
These pods are incredible, and the service to match
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