Qualita Rossa is a familiar sight in Italy, where, as one of Lavazza's signature blends, it has been enjoyed by Italian coffee lovers for over 50 years.

Here you get an aromatic coffee rich in flavour and with low bitterness, which comes with notes of chocolate and dried fruit.

With Lavazza Qualita Rossa, you are guaranteed a delicious coffee - here is a reliable classic whose popularity continues unabated year after year. You are sure to get a straightforward quality, everyday coffee that has been giving Italian coffee drinkers a good start to the day for decades.

We supply this classic in whole coffee beans which you grind yourself at home with the grind degree that suits you exactly. The ground coffee is then suitable both filter coffee and espresso machines.

For best results, we recommend grinding the coffee immediately before use.

Lavazza is one of Italy's classic coffee brands that can trace its origins back to 1895. Lavazza pioneered the technique of blending coffee from different regions, and is today managed by 4 generations of the Lavazza family out of its headquarters in Turin, where its products are exported worldwide as one of the world's largest coffee companies.


Roasted coffee beans


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Medium (5/10)

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Qualità Rossa - Lavazza

1000 g. Coffee Beans


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I've been drinking this for years ! Double Double Espressos 5 per day maximum , especially in the colder days of the UK Read More
I have been using beans since 2016 , I have tried lots of brands but always come back to this. Read More