Qualita Oro is one of Lavazza's oldest coffee blends that shows no signs of retiring.

Here is a blend that has been known and loved in Italy since it was first put on the market in 1956. With Qualita Oro, you get a traditional and reliable premium blend, created exclusively on Arabica beans. The taste is mild and refined with notes of flowers, fruit, malt and honey.

The beans are carefully selected and medium roasted, making the coffee less bitter than most other traditional espresso blends.

We deliver this classic in a bag with whole beans, which you can grind at home to perfection, so you can create exactly the coffee that suits you. The ground coffee is suitable for espresso machines, as ordinary filter coffee or for use in a French press.

With Lavazza Qualita Oro you get a coffee that defines the best of Italian coffee art. A coffee created for coffee lovers.

Lavazza is one of Italy's classic coffee brands, with its origins dating back to 1895. Lavazza pioneered the technique of blending coffee from different regions, and is currently run by the fourth generation of the Lavazza family from its headquarters in Turin. As one of the world's largest coffee companies its products are exported widely around the globe.


Roasted coffee beans


Amount (g.)




Tasting notes

Fruit, Flowers




Medium (5/10)

Best before


Lavazza Qualità Oro

500 g. coffee beans


Reviews (3)

Lavazza Oro is an excellent alternative to the Rossa flavour. You may have to change your grind to suit but once you find that magic setting the beans will not disappoint Read More
A really sharp coffee, unfortunately nothing to do with the nice original Lavazza Qualita Rossa. It's a bitter and sharper taste than what we are used to. Read More
Lovely coffee rich and tasty. Aromatic.
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