Height: 33,5 cm

Width: 14,5 cm

Do you have so many pods you no longer know what to do with them?

You can always put your pods in a bowl or a drawer, and both solutions are great to store your pods. But if you like having a lot of different pods, a pod holder such as this one is a great solution for storing your pods. With a pod holder you can quickly find the pod you’re looking for an have easy access to it.

This pod holder is made of stainless steel and is designed as a table model that can store 24 pods. It can also turn so that you can easily find the exact pod you’re looking for.

Here is in other words an elegant solution for storing your pods. It is not only practical, but it also looks nice!







Dolce Gusto

Pod Holder

for 24 Dolce Gusto pods


Reviews (3)

Does what it says on the box Read More
Found the tower slightly bent and the pod slides too loose. Workable but not ideal. Read More
Love this pod holder it fits in with my kitchen well, is easy to use and looks really smart! Read More