The Petit Dejeuner range is L'OR's take on the perfect morning coffee. Here is a coffee that has been created according to the best French coffee traditions, where the coffee comes with a rich aroma and golden crema.

This pod brews a large cup (215 ml) of coffee with a balanced and rich taste, ideal for morning coffee. This variant is medium roast, so it has a mild body, but still with enough body and intensity to give a good shot of energy to start the day.

L'OR has packed the magic here into a capsule that brews perfectly in your Tassimo, with the machine recognising your capsule through clever Intellibrew technology, so it knows exactly what temperature, time and amount of water to use to brew a perfect cup of coffee according to the capsule's specifications.

L'OR is known for uncompromising quality and flavours beyond the ordinary, so when you choose a L'OR product, the craftsmanship is exceptional and the taste sublime.

In other words, here's a coffee to help you get your day off to a great start - and this pack comes with a whopping 24 pods, so you'll have enough for a while.


Number of pods


Number of cups







Mild Acidity, Sweetness, Medium roasted beans


Big pack

Cup size

Regular Cup


Medium (5/10)

Best before


L'OR Petit Déjeuner Classique

24 pods for Tassimo


Reviews (48)

Nice with a bit of an aftertaste but it grows on you. Read More
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A lovely mug sized coffee. Plenty of flavour but not too strong. We usually have it with a splash of milk but it is also fine without. A good go to coffee and superb value. Read More
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Lovely coffee very nice Read More
Always a great start to any day but particularly at the weekends with that extra time to truly enjoy Read More
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This is my favourite. Very smooth coffee. Great taste. Competitively priced Read More
My new fave go to coffee... Read More
Lovely coffee! Was stronger than I expected but in a good way. Nice coffee taste with no bitterness or bad/weird aftertaste. I normally use a bit of milk and sugar in my coffees but this is so good on it's own I don't put anything in it. Read More
Best way to start the day off with a coffee that’s not too bitter or sweet and hits the spot to keep you going! Read More
Great coffee love this cos tastes nice and strong. Will be buying again. Read More
Ok. Gets a bit biring so i mux en up a bit Read More
Love this coffee. Would never purchase anywhere else as price can't be beaten. Read More