With the milk pods for your Tassimo machine, there's no need to remember the milk for your coffee when you go shopping.

Because your Tassimo is not only an excellent coffee machine, it also makes an excellent milk frother, as you may have already noticed when you've brewed one of the many milk-based café specialities like cappuccino and latte with it.

These pods contain a milk powder that gives you a warm, creamy milk that you can use for coffee, cocoa, tea, etc. In other words, with these pods you get an easy and convenient alternative to milk from the fridge, to make a warm, creamy milk like the one you know from a milk frother.

The result, in our opinion, is just as good, and you also save the hassle of finding the milk frother, as well as the cleaning afterwards.

So once you've tried using the Tase Saloon to make milk, it can quickly become a habit. Because not only is it easy - it's also fast, and the results are always top-notch.

We deliver the milk pods at a reasonable price in a pack of 16 pods, lightning fast and right to your doorstep.


LACTOSE- and mineral-reduced ultrafiltered MILK concentrate (84%), water, sugar (7.6%), salt, acidity regulator (E339).


Number of pods


Number of cups








Cup size

Regular Cup


Medium (5/10)

Best before


Nutritional information

Energy, kcal




Fat (g)


- of which saturated fats (g)




- of which sugars


Tassimo Milk

16 pods for Tassimo


Reviews (93)

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This is the milk product available in the Tassimo Pod range. We generally use it to make lattes. Shake the pod use the machine whip it up a bit then add the coffee of choice through the Tassimo machine. It is ok but, anyway, there does not seem to be an alternative that you can use in the Tassimo machines. Read More
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