Nescafé Dolce Gusto has created an aromatic dark-crusted lungo with lovely spicy notes. Here is a coffee with clear espresso ancestry, but which is served in a slightly larger cup, so that the coffee thirst can be quenched nicely.

A lungo like this is brewed longer and with more water than a regular espresso, and the extra amount of water usually means that lungo is a little less intense in taste than a regular espresso.

This variant compensates for this, however, by being created with beans that have been extra dark-roasted. This lungo therefore has a little more edge than what you usually see in other lungos. Or in other words, here you get a Lungo which is ideal for anyone who likes a strong coffee full of power - and coffee which is good for refreshing one in the morning.

This lungo therefore gives you the same intense coffee experience as an espresso, but in a cup size where the coffee thirst is also catered for in the best way.

Your Dolce Gusto® brews it easily and quickly with a nice dark color and golden crema, exactly like the one you see on the box.


Number of pods


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Dolce Gusto


Acidic Robusta, Dark roasted beans

Cup size



Very strong (9/10)

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Nescafé Lungo Intenso

16 pods for Dolce Gusto


Reviews (2)

Whilst I prefer the taste of the standard lungo for everyday drinking, this intense variant makes an excellent strong latte, either hot or iced, when a robust coffee is needed. Read More
Quite disappointed with flavour.
Hardly any better than Aldi's own brand.
Read More