Douwe Egberts Decaf is an intense Lungo for those who love an aromatic cup of coffee, but also want to avoid the invigorating effects of caffeine.

With these decaffeinated pods, you get a full-bodied and aromatic Lungo that you can enjoy in the afternoon or evening without worrying about sleepless nights. It is made from dark-roasted Arabica and Robusta beans, which come together beautifully with the sweet, fruity tones of the Arabica bean in elegant combination with the more bitter taste of the Robusta bean.

The coffee is packaged in aluminium pods so that the aroma and freshness are optimally preserved. The pods fit perfectly in your Nespresso® machine, and will brew a delicious Lungo in no time and with the same quality you will recognise from the best cafés.

Douwe Egberts can trace its history all the way back to 1753, when the company was founded in the Dutch town of Joure as a grocery store. Today, Douwe Egberts is among the world's three largest coffee producers and delivers a wide selection of quality coffees from around the globe to coffee connoisseurs all over the world.

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Number of pods


Number of cups



Douwe Egberts




Decaffeinated, Aluminium

Cup size



Medium (6/10)

Best before


Douwe Egberts Lungo 6 Decaffeinated

20 pods for Nespresso®


Reviews (9)

Not as good as the other brand I got from Kaffekapslen but serves as a satisfactory daily coffee when I prefer a lower caffeine intake. Read More
A well rounded decaf. Read More
As expected from Douwe Egberts - delicious coffee and just as tasty as the caffeinated. Read More
My favourite coffee - the very best flavour yet it’s decaffeinated. The only one I’ll drink from now on Read More
Lovely coffee but some of the Pods don't pierce properly. Read More
Good product enjoyed the strength and flavour Read More
A balanced coffee but not particularly strong Read More
Coffee arrived on time, tastes amazing, we both prefer it to our what was usual pods. Will be ordering from here from now on. Read More
I have tried many decaf. Coffee pods but this is by far the best for my taste. Lungo (lungo decaff is very rare) means I can have a decent drink but without losing any of the delicious flavours Read More