This flavourful Lungo comes from Norway's largest coffee producer, Friele.

Friele’s Lungo 6 is made from medium-roasted beans, creating a coffee with a fresh flavour and notes of cinnamon.

At number 6 on the strength scale, you get plenty of aroma and fullness, and a shot of caffeine that is guaranteed to pick you up, but without being too much. If you want a fuller flavour in your cup, you can also use the pod to brew an espresso or ristretto.

This aromatic Friele coffee is UTZ certified. It’s a great way to start the day, but can also be enjoyed later on in the afternoon if you need an energy injection.

We deliver this delicious coffee from Friele in packs of 10 aluminium pods that fit in your Nespresso® machine. And as always with Kaffekapslen, we deliver at a reasonable price, lightning fast and right to your door.

Friele is a Norwegian coffee roastery that has supplied Norwegian households with coffee since 1799. Today, Friele is Norway's largest coffee producer, and part of the Dutch Douwe Egberts Group.

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Ristet og malet kaffe


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Chocolate, Spices



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Medium (6/10)

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Friele Lungo 6 Classico

10 pods for Nespresso®


Reviews (5)

Nice medium-strength lungo without any bitterness, but without much depth or richness to the flavour. I've rated it as a '4' as there are other lungo pods which I'd rate higher than this, but I'd probably order again. Read More
Excellent coffee. Very mellow so easy to drink black or with a little milk. Thank you for stocking this as its tricky to get hold of in the UK. Read More
After moving to the UK I noticed how great Friele coffee is. It’s strong but not too strong. Great taste for any occasion. 5/5 Read More
D'lish- deep flavour, not too strong, like a session-brew , if there were such a thing?! Read More
Lovely mellow coffee that's ideal gor any time of day. Read More