Among the many Jacobs varieties, you will also find a wide selection of café classics, such as this delicious latte macchiato, which comes with added vanilla for extra edge and flavour.

Here you get a delicious combination of espresso, milk and vanilla, where the vanilla's aromatic taste is in nice interplay with the rich taste of espresso coffee and milk. Together they form three tasty layers in your cup, exactly like those you get in cafes.

The whole process is of course performed to perfection in the best barista style by the Tassimo machine.

We deliver the delicious vanilla latte in 16 T-Discs (8 Espresso + 8 Milk) that fit perfectly with your Tassimo machine - and, as is always the case with Kaffekapslen, at a reasonable price, lightning fast, and right to your door.

Jacobs can trace its ancestry back to 1895, when the company was founded in Bremen by Johann Jacobs. Today, Jacobs is Germany's most popular coffee brand, where the green Krönung package with the characteristic crown has been a well-known and treasured sight on German coffee tables for decades. Jacobs has been part of the Dutch Jacobs Douwe Egbert Group since 2015.


Cream (from MILK) (30%), sugar (28%), roasted and ground coffee (20%), water, MILK PROTEIN concentrate, MILK MINERALS, salt, thickener (E414), flavourings, acidity regulator (E331).


Number of pods


Number of cups







Vanilla, Milk, Medium roasted beans

Cup size

Large Cup


Medium (5/10)

Best before


Nutritional information

Energy, kcal




Fat (g)


- of which saturated fats (g)




- of which sugars


Jacobs Vanilla Latte Macchiato

16 pods for Tassimo


Reviews (35)

It is lovely quality and tasty Read More
Love the vanilla flavour in this coffee.
Just enough sweetness and not overpowering.
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Husband loves this. Not for me but that is only a matter of taste Read More
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A nice cup of coffee. Will order again. Read More
Best ever coffee Read More
My absolute favourite, perfect morning coffee to get my day started. Read More
This is a very nice change to an ordinary Latte. Read More
Again a lovely tasting mild creamy coffee. Read More
Delicious, subtle vanilla flavour. Some flavoured lattes can be sickly but I found this easy to drink. Read More
Great price great taste , quick delivery Read More
Great price and great taste . Quick delivery Read More
Being pleasantly surprised by the customer service from Kaffekapslen was only the beginning. The ordering process was as simple as the delivery tracking. The Vanilla Latte Macchiato was sweet enough without being over sweetened. Great coffee, great service, EXCELLENT experience :) Read More
My favourite, loved it Read More
Love these vanilla latte pods - I wish they did bigger packs! Read More