Try a coffee experience that will tickle your senses.

Want a unique start to your day? Treat yourself to a Latte Macchiato Vanilla. The coffee is a perfectly harmonious blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans roasted and blended into an espresso with full flavor. The natural fruity sweetness of Arabica and the mildly acidic Robusta blend precisely with cloudy, frothy milk - with just a hint of warm, spicy vanilla - to create a smooth and tasty cup of coffee to quench your coffee cravings.

Latte Macchiato for Dolce Gusto is easy to make and an instant success - every time. All you need are two pods - one with milk and one with coffee - and your favourite mug.

This product has no affilitation with nor is it produced by or recognised by Nestlé®.


"White pod: sugar, base powder (glucose syrup, refined coconut oil, stabilisers: e340ii, e352i; MILK proteins, emulsifiers: e471, e472; anti-caking agent: e551, colouring: e160a), skimmed MILK powder 13,8% (EU), WHEY powder, vanilla flavour 2,4%, dextrose, WHEY proteins, anti-caking agent: e551; salt, flavouring, emulsifiers: sunflower lecithin. Brown pod: roasted coffee (coffee beans from non-EU countries)."


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Latte Macchiato Vanilla - Everyday Coffee

16 pods for Dolce Gusto


Reviews (36)

What can I say, I'm in love with this coffee brand ordered a months worth of latte masochist vanilla every day coffee, 2 weeks in and ready to reorder again. ❤ Read More
A nice latte with a smooth coffee taste Read More
This was a disappointing one. It’s stated as latte but was so strong, almost black coffee! No vanilla taste and we couldn’t drink it unfortunately Read More
Really nice lattes best vanilla ones I have tasted 😋 Read More
This makes a macchiato with a mild vanilla flavour. Kaffekapslen knocked it out of the park with this one. Read More
Very Very. Happy with the service. Just love my coffee ☕️ 😋 Read More
They were nice tasting, however most of the pods in the box I received were faulty and the plastic lid on the pod kept popping off which caused the liquid inside to leak everywhere including inside my coffee machine Read More
Good coffee great price tastes great Read More
Love this luxurious vanilla latte! Absolutely gorgeous and highly recommend. Read More
I love vanilla coffee and these are up there with the others I have used and love Read More
A perfect creamy, vanilla macchiato. Couldn't really ask for any better! I would even go as far to say I prefer this to a certain name branded one... Read More
What a superb flavour. Just as good as the branded ones, if not better. At a great price too. My second order of these, and i'll be ordering more soon. Read More
This product is full of flavour. Taste is great. Read More
I tried this back to back with the Starbucks one and honestly I prefer this one it has a lovely vanilla flavour with no strange after taste or over powering taste. Perfect vanilla to coffee ratio. Lovely latte definitely buying this one from now on. Read More
Very happy with these pods. Taste amazing. Read More