A latte macchiato is a true café classic, but you do not have to go to a café to enjoy it - because with your Dolce Gusto® machine you can brew it easily and quickly at home.

With these pods you get a latte macchiato in 3 layers, and we will be surprised if you do not, like us, think that there is not much difference in the one you get brewed here in your Dolce Gusto®, compared to the one you get at the café. For here you get a classic latte macchiato in 3 layers, with the bottom layer consisting of milk, followed by a layer of Espresso coffee, which finally ends with a nice frothy milk layer.

This beautiful and characteristic 3-layer effect is achieved by brewing the latte in 2 steps with 2 pods: one for milk and one espresso.

The result is a latte macchiato that we are confident will achieve an appreciative nod from even the most snobbish of baristas. The taste is mild and creamy, but still with a coffee taste that is so strong that it all does not drown in milk.

In other words, here is a good example that coffee does not always have to be the same. Coffee comes in countless variations, and in our opinion it would be a shame not to treat yourself to a little coffee variation now and then - and a latte like this is perfect for just this. Forget the traditions for a while, and treat yourself to a latte macchiato the next time you need coffee.


White pod: Whole MILK powder (89.9%), sugar (10.1%). May contain SOYA. Brown pod: Roast and ground coffee.


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Nescafé Latte Macchiato

16 pods for Dolce Gusto


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