Krönung is Jacobs’ signature brand of coffee. This is a reliable classic that has been Germany's most popular coffee for decades.

With Jacobs Krönung, you get a lovely medium-roasted coffee with a well-balanced body that is neither too strong nor too mild. It has a slight acidity and bitterness, and a flavour that we are confident will suit most palates. This is a real everyday coffee, and can be enjoyed from morning to evening.

We can warmly recommend this classic coffee, which has remained very popular for decades, and with good reason – it truly is the definition of a good everyday coffee. You will find that you want to come back to Jacobs Krönung time after time. Traditions are important and Jacobs shows that they know this, by constantly delivering the much-loved and treasured Krönung flavour year after year.

Jacobs is Germany's most popular coffee brand, and the green Krönung package with its characteristic crown has been a well-known and treasured sight on German coffee tables for decades. Jacobs can trace its history back to 1895, when the company was founded in Bremen by Johann Jacobs.


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Jacobs Krönung

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Reviews (23)

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One of the reasons I ordered from Kaffekapslen was to try coffe pods I cannot get in the UK.

This is an good coffee plenty of flavour just right for an afternoon
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