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If you like grinding your own coffee beans and tailoring your coffee to your own taste, this starter pack is just the thing for you. Kaffekapslen proudly presents its own coffee beans: Classic, Crema, Espresso, and Espresso Intenso.

Our beans are suitable for filter coffee, French presses and espresso machines, and are always best used freshly ground. Grind the beans to your desired consistency – to adjust the aroma and taste – and then start preparing your favourite drink or conjure up something new.

All our coffees are blends of Arabica and Robusta beans and can be enjoyed black or as bases for various coffee-based drinks. The Classic coffee is particularly well-suited for your morning cup of coffee. Our Crema coffee is medium roasted and is ideal for making lattes or café au lait. Our Espresso and Espresso Intenso beans are the perfect base for cappuccinos, flat whites, or other coffee drinks you enjoy.

With this starter pack you’ll be able to explore our own range of coffee beans and pick your favourite, all while developing your barista skills.

This starter pack contains one 1kg pack of each coffee, giving you plenty of opportunities to try the different blends alone, or with friends and family.

Remember that it is important to descale your coffee machine - no matter if you make your coffee with beans in a traditional coffee maker, with an espresso machine, or another brewing method. You thus get a free pack of descaling in this offer.


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Kaffekapslen Starter Pack

5 kg coffee beans + descaler

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