Enjoy deliciously sustainable coffee beans.

Zoégas’ Intenzo blend is Rainforest Alliance certified to ensure a good environment and cared-for workers. So you can enjoy this blend with a good conscience.

Like all Zoégas blends, this coffee is dark roasted. Their craft focuses on dark roasted beans that are organically and sustainably sourced. The roasting releases the many aromas and flavours of each blend, making them a fantastic experience every time. 

The Intenzo blend is made of Arabica beans from Latin America and West Africa. It offers a full and beautifully balanced cup of coffee. With each sip you discover notes of red apple that come from the beans’ sweetness and acidity. 

Zoégas’ passion is demonstrated in this Intenzo blend, which you can get in a bag of 450g of coffee beans. To best enjoy the flavours and the freshness of the coffee, we recommend grinding the beans just before use. Use your favourite brewing method to enjoy this coffee, and store the beans in an airtight container. 


Roasted coffee beans


Amount (g.)




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Rainforest alliance, Arabica


Strong (6/10)

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Zoegas Intenzo

450 g. coffee beans


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Good crema, bit too smooth for me- I prefer a stronger taste with a touch of bitterness- but my partner was impressed. Read More

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